Friday, June 10, 2011

Suburban Hell

A friend sent this along the other day.

I sit here listening to no less than 6 gas powered, uncatalyzed lawn mowers making perfect lawns,
What virtue are we promoting?
Slug like men melting on riding mowers,
Spindly blue hairs firing up gas mowers to cut less than 100 square feet of grass,
A two stroke cacophony burning the world.

People spraying dandelions flat,
Hating any change to a senseless aesthetic.
Fight nature, it won't fight back.
Lightning and downdrafts,
Shaking us off.

Suburban Perfection: Shear stupidity

"Under current standards, in an hour a push mower will produce the same HC+NOx as a car driven 257 miles, and the same CO as one driven 401 miles. To put it another way, assuming a car averages 40 miles per hour, a push mower produces more HC+NOx than six cars and the same CO as ten." LINK

And yet, when I tell my suburbanite neighbor that I am trying to maintain a zero carbon lawn, he looks at me like I'm insane.

Pretty Grass: reason 12,304 that we are doomed as a species.