Monday, August 1, 2011

Dreaming of a place to hide

I'm in love with the Bruce Peninsula, so time to start dreaming about potential cottages:

Cheap and we could really work it over: I envision an off the grid, self sustaining cottage with this one. It's right on top of the escarpment, I'll be able to develop my Chinese Dragon Wind Kite Turbine Technology in a steady breeze! Nothing says the future like a quaint Victorian log cabin with a sixty foot chinese dragon kite drawing in electricity as it flies above.

I'll need that bank job to come through, then this!

Richard! Still feel like planning the perfect getaway?

Tucked up under the national park, deep in dark sky territory, this one looks more like a self sufficient compune! On 32 acres!!!

Workshop, garage, good sized house, someone already working on the raised potege! It's like it was designed for our weirdness! I'm seeing an observatory on that, something like:

With the darkest skies in Ontario, and a monster scope, I'll be able to see FOREVER! Muhahahaha! (while eating greens from my own garden)

Oh how I dream of dark skies and quiet nights.

No jackasses on Harley Davidsons driving down those dirt roads...