Monday, October 31, 2011

digital zombies

Working with Facebook Zombies...

  • I'm in the middle of a lesson on Hamlet (how different types of archetypal fathers are shown in the play, so pretty light stuff), when a student knocks on the door.  Interrupted, I walk over and open it.  He hesitates, and then asks where another teacher is.  I reply, "not here."  He begins to ask a question, hesitates, and pulls his smartphone out of his pocket in response to a Facebook update... while in the middle of the conversation in which he just interrupted thirty people.  I shut the door and try and remember what I was saying.  He is offended that I shut the door in his face.

  • after trying to pass the human verification test and failing to accurately type in the text half a dozen times, a frustrated student calls me over.  I watch her type in the pass-code wrong four more times.  During two of the attempts she stops what she's doing and clicks over to Facebook and types in responses to an ongoing chat before returning to mis-type the pass code again.  The computer no longer considers her to be a human being.  What will happen to these former humans in the future?
  • We're working on imovie editing when the internet goes down.  We have to have a 10 minute discussion about how the internet going down in no way prevents them from editing their videos.

  • I remove a student from their Mac because they aren't actually doing anything.  He moves to a non-computer table and pulls out his iphone and opens up... Facebook!

  • A student asks for help and I walk over to his desk.  He can't open WORD.  I ask him to show me what he's doing.  He goes to click on the WORD shortcut and misses it, opening up Facebook in his browser.  He minimizes it and goes to click on the WORD link and misses again, re-opening Facebook again.  He tries a third time and finally hits the WORD link (it was broken, we got it re-aimed).  I told him a Freud quote, "there are no accidents."

Got any special moments from working with the Facebook Zombie horde?

... and then I snapped.  Too much shear stupidity!