Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top 10 Reasons To Not Be Human

10.  We ignore truths to suit our own laziness, hurting everything around us in the process.  Enjoy your commute to work in your SUV this morning.

9.   We really do breed like rabbits, unfortunately we don't die like them.

8.   After millennia of cruel dictatorial rule, we finally develop a system of representative government and half the people in it can't be bothered to even vote, let alone participate in a meaningful way.

7.   When we develop technology, a stunning percentage of us just get fat from it, and end up doing less.

6.   Everyone competing in a free market thinks that a monopoly is the goal.

5.   Many augmented human beings are just going end up being amplified ass holes.

4.   When given an opportunity to compete, many of us immediately cheat under the misconception that winning on paper is the point of playing a game.

3.   We prefer to blame other people for our own short comings. (or invent some if they don't have anything obvious - see #2)

2.   We invent differences in order to divide ourselves for our own, individual advantage (racism is purely selfish in nature).  Do you think all the black dogs hate the brown dogs?  (they wouldn't even if they weren't colour blind)

1.   We say we embrace change, but only if something embraces the change for us, we don't want to actually have to do something.