Monday, February 20, 2012

The Thieves Come Knocking, Selling Fear

Got this today:

Just passing on an article:

I've been telling clients for some time now that future changes to things like OAS and public pension plans will be on the table eventually. Governments everywhere have to start balancing the books or face the same problems the Greeks have in the future. As I told you guys before, you have great retirement benefit plans, NOW, but to be on the safe side it is prudent to have some retirement savings of your own as well!
Best Regards,
Financial Planner

I kind of flipped out in response:

I pay over $700 a month into my pension, I take home less than 64% of what I make. My wife takes home less than 60% of what she makes and pays even more into her pension. If our pension plans aren't there for us, there isn't a hell of a lot on hand to make another one with. Glad to pay out all the Boomers into theirs in the meantime though.

I'm just glad we can balance government budgets so we can keep bailing out GM, and Chrysler and banks. and poorly (ie: privately) run crown corporations... I bet they don't take home 60% of what they earn. They're as public sector as we are - if we use public money to bail them out.

If I don't have a pension when I retire, I'm perfectly happy to apply my computer know-how to hacking stupid people and taking their money. The last thing I'd consider doing is taking on another pension that leverages the stock market (the largest swindle in human history).

I'm not feeling bad about my future criminality - it's a Robin Hood approach...

What bothers me is that people who are conscientiously trying to save into their retirement are being strong armed into feeding the thieves even more!

It will never end until the middle class has been put back into serfdom!