Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Commuting for 3 weeks in July...

After weeks of having to dig up decade old paperwork, certifications and letters of employment, I just got accepted for the computer technology teacher's additional qualification at the University of Toronto!

The most important question to ask now is, "how can I make a single person, 1 hour commute for 3 weeks in July on everything from small country roads to one of the biggest highways in Canada entertaining and interesting?"

Here's the route:
62kms, about an hour, through the countryside and down the escarpment, just when traffic gets dodgy, I get to stop!
How would I most like to do this?  Ah, a way to make a necessary commute fun for a single person?

My top 5:

#1:  my first choice is a MORGAN 3 WHEELER!

All the fun of a motorcycle, without the helmet!

Though if I had one, I think I'd go full pilot leather cap and googles!

I could totally pull that off.

One of the silliest things I've ever MOST DESPERATELY WANTED!  Charles?  If you're reading this, I'd spend my free time when I'm not driving it taking photos of it!

#2:  Second Choice?  A Lotus Elise!

In Norfolk (Norwich City) Colours!
A marginally less silly choice that still lets me take the roof out!  All while supporting my Norfolk roots (and City's best season in AGES!)

#3:  Third Choice?  Kawasaki Ninja 500!

Get my motorcycle license, get myself a 500cc Ninja and wind my way down to Milton every day on two wheels...

#4: Forth Choice? Give in to my bosozoku urges & scratch my '80s Japanese Sports Car itch!

Toyota MR2: a mid-engined pocket rocket that would surely put a smile on my face while bombing in to school every day, complete with a little supercharger kick in the pants!

The original Miata, inspired by Lotus' Elan, small, light and totally chuckable, happiest in a corner.

The 280ZX.  Not the best Z car Nissan ever made by far, but the one that hung in my e-type addled mind as a teenager car of lust-worthy proportions.

Fifth Choice?  Series 2 E-Type Jaguar!

A 1969 model built in May (so it's as old as I am).  Firing up a big V-12 and sending this beast down the road every day would be delightful!

Well, that about covers it.

My worst case scenario isn't bad at all.  My lovely little green rocket will happily cock a leg in a corner and get me to and from the beastly edge of the GTA (aka: Milton) using as little gas as humanly possible while making it as fun as it can.

... but still, for a summer commute for a single person?