Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rogersfail 3 Facebookfail 1

I tried to post Rogersfail 2, the return of Rogersfail on Facebook yesterday and suddenly found that my tiny, low traffic, personal blog is considered spam by Facebook.  Trying to post the link got me:

So I tried to let them know that it makes no sense that this tiny, little blog you're reading would be considered SPAM.  It barely has a 1000 page views, there is nothing remotely spammy about it.

I got this reply:

Poor Facebook, they are helpless to correct censorship on their own site?  They don't provide individual support to free a site from wrongful spam accusation?  How did it get shut down in the first place?  Perhaps they are happy to receive business to business requests from large corporations they receive advertising money from that don't like negative descriptions of their poor service.

This blog is a non-educational writing exercise for me.  It don't write it for page views, I write it for personal interest.  The only thing on this seldom viewed blog that might draw any ire are the ROGERS FAIL series.

I wonder if I have drawn ire.

If this is why this is happening, then shame on you Rogers.  You're acting like a bully.

If this is why this is happening, then shame on you Facebook.  You can't call yourself an honest social media network if what you're really doing is censoring what people see to suit your own bottom line.  If that is the case, I would strongly urge people to minimize the time they spend on Facebook and consider Google+, Twitter and other social media entities who seem more intent on providing an honest, transparent service, rather than feeding their users into their bottom line.

If this is simply a matter of Facebook killing all Canadian blogs whole-sale, then it asks some hard questions about how useful Facebook will become if it doesn't actually want to act in partnership with the rest of the internet.  Ignoring off-Facebook sites might force idiots to stay in your walled garden, but the rest of us will simply find a better avenue to information.  This may be the beginning of the end of Facebook if the new corporate approach is to funnel people only to Facebook owned (and advertising revenue generating) pages.

... and they are perfectly willing to edit your reality on Facebook to suit the needs of their advertising partners, or simply to drive your eyes to more Facebook ads.

Quora discussion ensues...