Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bike Update

I was all about the Honda NC700x in the last post, but after a bit more research, I'm now thinking more along the lines of a Kawasaki KLR650...
The everyman's all purpose bike, it'll do 120km/h all day on the highway, or take on the roughest trails.  It also happens to be two thousand dollars cheaper than the Honda and has a very tall saddle that happens to fit me perfectly.

People have take their KLRs around the world.  It would be an ideal contender for our Pan American Motorcycle diaries trip.

Since I live in the country anyway, it would be nice to have a bike that won't shy away from dirt roads, and our resident bike Jedi said there is an off-road course up in Blue Mountain that the KLR would take on with a big smile on its face.

I thought it would feel insubstantial, but the KLR is a big bike with a wide front end that protects the rider even at speed.  It has a nice, upright riding position as well.

As a true all purpose bike it would always have a unique place in my bike collection, being a capable off roader means regardless of what road bike I have, the KLR would always offer a special skill set.

Speaking of road bikes, I've been looking at Triumphs with interest.  As a former Spitfire owner, I'm a fan of the marquee, and it would be nice to pick up one of these English beasts.  The Triumph Street Triple looks a fantastic naked bike.
More than I could handle as a beginner, but something to look forward to as I get my bearings on a bike.