Monday, September 9, 2013

Scorched Earth

I'm watching The Agenda on TVO...
"During my adolescence, I had a strong desire to enter the middle class."

If you are going into the workforce now you missed middle class by about 15 years.  I'm just over 40, and as a GenXer I'm watching the career I moved into getting burned to the ground around me by unions and businesses run by Boomers who are focused only on grandfathering themselves into full retirement packages.  In the past year I've watched my 'representatives' sell off my retirement in bits and pieces, always under the urgency of a fabricated financial crisis.

When they aren't selling off everyone under the age of 45 they are tightening the thumb screws by increasing our work loads and expecting us to work for free and just be happy that we have a job.  We used to expect a living wage, now we should just be grateful to be indentured servants.

Listening to the under 30 crowd saying they can't get into the employment house is kinda funny from a GenX point of view.  I guess they can't see all the smoke and flames from the outside.

Don't feel bad Millennials, there is nothing left for anyone born after 1960.
"They became the first post-war generation to be worse off than their parents, left with reduced expectations and downsized hope for the future."
"Unemployment among young Canadians under 25 is more than double that of older Canadians."
"If houses kept up with inflation – and that would be a pretty good result all on its own – the average house would now cost $154,587. In April, the actual average was $369,677."